Information Security

Your organization's information is a critical asset. It may be found in printed reports, handwritten notes, electronic databases or in the strategies and policies you use to operate effectively and efficiently.

Information must be protected against loss, destruction or misuse, whether that be through accident, carelessness, or malicious behavior. It is for this reason that the International Standards Organization developed ISO 17799 - the International Security Standard. This Standard was the basis for HIPAA's Security rules, as well as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act for financial industry, and many others.

We use ISO 17799 auditing guidelines and tools in all of our Security audits, risk assessments and remediation planning. By choosing this "gold standard," we have been able to help our clients pinpoint areas requiring their attention which are not narrowly focused on compliance, but broadly focused on protecting your assets - and operating effectively and cost-efficiently.

The goal is always to ensure the continuity of your business operations, minimize damage and maximize return on investments and business opportunities.

At IGNITIONSYSTEMS, we know the real issue is finding the best way to deliver the best product you can - whether it be medical care, customer service, or software applications. At the same time, you must remain compliant with the barrage of regulations - and profitable.