HIPAA Security: Promoting Effective Compliance

HIPAA's Security Rules were finalized in February of 2003; the compliance deadline is approaching.

We have developed a four-phase plan to bring your hospital or large practice into best business practices while achieving compliance with the new HIPAA Security rules in a timely, modular fashion.

At each step of the way we take the time to help you understand the issues at hand, and make an informed decision as to which changes to implement, how to implement them, and how to best maintain the benefits these changes deliver over the long run.

The first phase normally requires two weeks, and results in a complete assessment and remediation plan. This plan will lay out your many options, including having us train your staff to conduct much or most of the work themselves. Following the second phase - remediation - we return after two months to do an audit of how well the new changes are functioning. Finally, we schedule a combination of monthly, semi-annual and annual tests to confirm your continued benefit from the changes you have instituted.

HIPAA doesn't have to take over your business: in fact, HIPAA can give you important control over business processes that were creating substantial risk.