HIPAA can appear to be a daunting - and expensive! - set of requirements to meet. But carefully managed, most of the changes amount to best practices that will enhance your business.

The onset of HIPAA has caused much legitimate concern amongst medical practices, large and small. With shifting requirements and deadlines, it is difficult to know what changes to make - and when.

In fact, many of the requirements posed by HIPAA amount to sensible business practice, especially in the areas of technology and security. Implementing the changes in a careful, thoughtful way can actually reap additional benefits in terms of more stable and controlled business and technology processes.

With the Security Rules in place, now is the time to conform with these standards - which are much more stringent, and govern your use of technology to maintain patient information. The good news is: they actually promote best practices, which can save you time and money.

IGNITIONSYSTEMS we have developed a process for identifying, remediating, and maintaining the security and performance of your systems in a way that complies with HIPAA - but more importantly, makes good business sense.