Policies, Procedures and Personnel

Your most critical asset is your staff. In all likelihood, they consume the greatest percentage of your budget, and are the most expensive resource to acquire, train - and lose.

Maintaining a smoothly-functioning practice or hospital - especially as you become more and more dependent upon emerging information technologies - requires that you develop an effective organizational strategy. A strategy that uses policies and procedures that are based on a functional understanding of what technology can and cannot do, not a theoretical, boiler-plate approach.

Furthermore, your Security Policies must take into account the ways your system can be used, misused, and abused. Which leads to your other critical asset - your clinical information, and the technology that manages it.

EMR Systems hold the most promise of modern computer technologies for having a substantial impact on the practice and business of medicine.

Of course, that impact can be positive or negative. And while the selection of the correct EMR system to meet the needs of your practice is important, planning and assessment for your selection, conversion and implementation is critical.

As for your Practice Management (PM) system, it is the workhorse of your clinical and business management system. You've been depending on it for years, and you won't change it lightly. When the time comes to move to an EMR, however, you will have to seriously consider the costs and advantages of either selecting a new PM system to integrate with the EMR you choose, or choosing an EMR based on your PM. At
IGNITIONSYSTEMS, we know the major EMR's and PM's on the market - their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges. And we know implementation.

At IGNITIONSYSTEMS, we understand people and technology - and the practical ways to help them work together.